HDTV Package

​Enjoy the amazing clarity, lifelike images and incredible sound of High-Definition TV. Easton Cable offers one of the most complete HDTV packages available. Add Easton Cable HDTV to your choice of Easton Cable Digital packages for the best that TV has to offer.


Package Channels Includes

  • Local broadcast affiliates
  • Public television affiliates
  • A huge selection of popular cable channels
  • Premium channels in HD (HBO HD, Cinemax HD, Showtime HD, TMC HD, STARZ HD) with Movie Plex subscription
  • Interactive program guide
  • Digital Music
  • Access to pay-per-view movies and events


HDTV package requires an HDTV or HD-compatible TV, Tier 3 programming package and Interactive HD or Interactive HD/DVR terminal rental. Channel availability and package pricing subject to change at any time without notice. Other terms and restrictions may apply.

Premium channels in HD are included in all Premium Movie packages for Easton Cable HDTV subscribers. To receive premium channels in HD (HBO HD, Cinemax HD, Showtime HD, TMC HD and/or STARZ HD) requires subscription to Premium Movie Package packages. Customer will receive the HD version of the same premium channel that he or she selects with the Movie Plex package only (i.e. HBO HD with a subscription to a Movie Plex package that include HBO HD). Other terms and restrictions may apply.​