Cable and broadcast networks drive increase in Easton Velocity cable rates

Easton Velocity cable programming packages will increase between $0.20 and $4.00 after cable networks and local broadcast affiliates have increased what they charge Easton Cable to carry their programming.
“As a not-for-profit, municipal cable company, Easton Velocity does not retain any of the revenue from these increases,” said Ted L. Book, Director of Cable and Communications for Easton Velocity. “These rates are driven by the media corporations who provide the content and we pass along the increases without markup.”

Cable networks and broadcast affiliates charge all cable and satellite companies, including Easton Velocity, a per-subscriber fee to carry their programming. These fees typically increase on an annual basis and are re-negotiated every three to five years. Other regional television providers recently announced rate increases as well.

Effective with bills rendered in February, Easton Velocity’s new cable rates are:

Package Rates effective with bills
rendered in February 2017
Basic $24.20
Tier 1 $43.20
Tier 2 $77.25
Tier 3 $88.70

All Easton Velocity cable packages including any of these programming tiers (including the Triple Play package) will increase with the new rates.