DigitalVoice Features

Business Voice Feature Guide.pdf

With Easton Cable Velocity DigitaVoice, you have access to a wide range of features that you can easily adjust right from your computer (or any computer that has Internet access). Here's what you get:

3-Way Calling Three-Way Calling allows you to connect a third participant to your phone call, regardless of who initiated the call.
Anonymous Call Rejection Anonymous Call Rejection discards incoming calls that intentionally hide the caller's name and number from appearing on your Caller ID unit. Your phone does not ring when these calls arrive. The caller is disconnected after hearing a short message stating why the call has been rejected.
Automatic Recall Automatic Recall dials the number of your most recent incoming call at that time, whether or not you actually answered the call. If the number is busy, hang up and try again later. If you receive another incoming call, the previous incoming call can no longer be automatically redialed.
Call Forwarding Easton Cable Velocity Digital Voice Call Forwarding allows you to stay in touch even when you are away from your EastonOnline Digital Voice phone.
Call Waiting Call Waiting allows you to answer calls while you are on the phone. A special beeping tone notifies you that another caller is trying to reach you. If you don't want to answer the new call, continue talking.
Caller ID With Easton Cable Velocity Digital Voice, you have the ability to display -- or not display -- your own telephone number to others when making outgoing calls. Caller ID also lets you see the date, time, and telephone number of the person calling you before you answer the call.
Disable Call Waiting If you do not use Call Waiting, you can permanently turn off the feature.
Service Interruption Forwarding If your Easton Cable Velocity Digital Voice service is ever interrupted and you do not use VoiceMail, your incoming calls will be transferred automatically to a phone number that you specify.
Speed Dial You can store up to 99 phone numbers with Easton Cable Velocity Digital Voice Speed Dial.
Easton Cable Velocity Digital Voice VoiceMail can answer your calls when you are not available, take a message and send to your email.