Easton Utilities https://eastonutilities.com Mon, 28 Sep 2020 18:48:33 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.4.2 https://eastonutilities.com/wp-content/uploads/images/cropped-EU-Logo-515px-2-150x150.png Easton Utilities https://eastonutilities.com 32 32 Sun Outages May Occur in the Coming Weeks https://eastonutilities.com/news/sun-outages-may-occur-feb-26-mar-8/ Thu, 24 Sep 2020 13:34:15 +0000 http://eastonutilities.com/?p=1936 ​It is that time of year again. Fall sun outages will begin on or around October 4th through approximately October 11th. A sun outage is an interruption in satellite signals caused by interference from solar radiation. The interference is caused when the sun is in direct line with a communication satellite and the sun’s radiation overwhelms the satellite signal. Interruption in TV service, due to sun outages, may last up to several minutes a day. During this time, you may experience interference with picture quality and sound when watching television. Sun outages do not affect internet or phone service. This phenomenon impacts all cable television and satellite television services.

Easton Velocity launches V-Fi, managed Wi-Fi https://eastonutilities.com/news/easton-velocity-launches-v-fi-managed-wi-fi/ Wed, 19 Aug 2020 20:12:25 +0000 https://eastonutilities.com/?p=7482 Easton Velocity announced today the launch of V-Fi, a managed whole-home Wi-Fi solution powered by Plume®, the creator of the world’s first Smart Home Services Platform. “This new service is designed to seamlessly connect the internet service provided by Easton Velocity with the devices used by our customers, enabling consistent connections in every room of the home,” said Ted L. Book, Director of Easton Velocity.

V-Fi, Easton Velocity’s managed Wi-Fi is designed to improve, personalize and secure the internet connection in the home. The system is comprised of hardware and robust software technology which includes a user-friendly app. Utilizing sleek, powerful SuperPods that plug directly into wall sockets, V-Fi maximizes the Wi-Fi signal throughout the home maximizing internet performance. Powered by cloud-based artificial intelligence, the V-Fi service is controlled from the Plume app. This app will enable the customers to be in control of their service to include managing devices, monitoring guest and child access, and setting up profiles for each user. In addition, Easton Velocity tech support will have access to backend tools to provide additional support.

V-Fi will complement the internet service provided by Easton Velocity by delivering consistent, reliable Wi-Fi across the home to the variety of devices connected. “Delivering the best possible customer experience remains our number one priority and this service will close the gap between the internet connection to the home and the device being utilized,” added Book. “It provides much more sophisticated insight to both our customers and our technical support team.”

The service is available to all new and existing customers with Easton Velocity internet and will start at $15 per month, which includes up to two SuperPods. Call 410-822-6110 to sign up for service.

Easton Utilities Awarded $13 million for Rural Broadband https://eastonutilities.com/news/easton-utilities-awarded-13-million-for-rural-broadband/ Fri, 31 Jul 2020 18:39:47 +0000 https://eastonutilities.com/?p=7434 The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced today that Easton Utilities was awarded $13.1 million in grant funding to extend broadband to significant portions of Talbot County with insufficient service.

“The benefits of this project will be immeasurable to Talbot County and the positive impacts will last a lifetime,” said Hugh E. Grunden, President and CEO of Easton Utilities.

The total project will cost $17.5 million and will cover 122 square miles, reaching up to 3,447 households and 144 farms, plus several additional facilities located within the geographic footprint. The proven financial model will be comprised of investments from the USDA, Easton Utilities, the Talbot County Council, the State of Maryland, and customers.

Easton Velocity, a service of Easton Utilities, will design, construct, own, operate, and maintain the fiber-to-the-premises broadband infrastructure. The construction schedule with the location sequence and an estimated timeline is currently under development.

“It is essential to have a true partnership between all involved in the success of this project, including the end user,” stated Talbot County Council President Corey W. Pack. “From start to finish, the entire application process was handled with precision and thorough attention to detail, with participation from many levels of all organizations involved.”

The five-year project, ‘Connect Talbot’, will be implemented under the leadership of John J. Horner, Easton Utilities’ Chief Operating Officer, and construction will begin in 2021. Horner was instrumental in the application process coordinating and working with the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development’s Office of Rural Broadband, Talbot County, CTC Technology and Energy, and CCI Systems.

In April 2020, the USDA opened the second round of funding for the Rural e-Connectivity Pilot Program (ReConnect) totaling $1.57 billion. In a unique partnership, Easton Utilities, Talbot County, and the State of Maryland submitted an application to secure a portion of this USDA grant funding for the Talbot County broadband project. Proof of financial and operational sustainability of the project was key to a successful grant application.

In 2017, the Maryland General Assembly established the Task Force on Rural Internet, Broadband, Wireless and Cellular Service to help address broadband inequities on the Eastern Shore and in other rural areas. Governor Larry Hogan tasked the group to identify redundancies, gaps in service and funding options for increasing rural broadband in the state. Grunden was appointed to this Task Force where he shared knowledge with the team based on his experience leading a rural utility and telecommunications provider.

“We look forward to successfully executing this project to help drive economic prosperity and improve numerous quality of life issues including employment, healthcare, education and social connections,” added Grunden.

Easton Utilities Begins Annual Flushing Program https://eastonutilities.com/news/easton-utilities-begins-annual-flushing-program/ Wed, 01 Jul 2020 18:34:49 +0000 https://eastonutilities.com/?p=7147 The water main flushing program, conducted by Easton Utilities on an annual basis, is scheduled to begin in mid-July throughout the service territory. “This successful program allows us to focus on any areas of concerns within the infrastructure to ensure Easton Utilities can continue delivering high quality water,” stated Doug Abbott, Water and Wastewater Department Manager for Easton Utilities.

The annual flushing program consists of opening certain hydrants in brief intervals to flush out sediment that may have collected in water mains over the past year. This enhances the long-term water quality, confirm adequate fire flows, and identifies possible malfunctions in the hydrants and system valves.

Customers in the immediate areas affected will be notified via a robocall several days in advance. To reduce the possibility of any inconvenience to customers, crews will work each night, Sunday through Thursday (excluding holidays), from 11 pm until 5 am. During the flushing of the water mains, there may be a temporary reduction of water pressure or some discoloration in the tap water. This discoloration condition is not harmful and can be addressed quickly by running cold water until it is clear after the flushing in the immediate area is complete. We also suggest not washing clothes during these operations.

For further information or if you have questions, please call 410-822-6110. We appreciate your cooperation as we work to maintain our water distribution system.

John Horner promoted to Chief Operating Officer https://eastonutilities.com/news/john-horner-promoted-to-chief-operating-officer/ Fri, 15 May 2020 12:45:36 +0000 https://eastonutilities.com/?p=6798 Easton Utilities announced the promotion of John J. Horner, Jr. to Senior Vice President of Operations and Chief Operating Officer (COO). In this role, John is responsible for the oversight of daily operational activities, strategic planning, project management and providing leadership to the multi-disciplinary teams in the organization. “John is a visionary leader who is personally committed to ensuring our people are inspired by our core values and work together to provide safe, reliable services to our customers,” said Hugh E. Grunden, President and CEO of Easton Utilities.

The Senior Vice President of Operations and COO is critical in the organization, combining technical skills with analytical insight to implement policies and spearhead the overall operational plan for Easton Utilities. The COO is an integral part of the executive team and works closely with nine department heads to execute projects on time and on budget. “I am constantly impressed with the customer focus, depth of knowledge and commitment to excellence displayed by all the employees here at Easton Utilities,” said Horner.

John was recently chosen for the Leadership Maryland, Class of 2020 and is a Shore Leadership, Class of 2018 alumni. He has over 30 years of industry experience and prior to joining Easton Utilities in 2016, he was the director of northeast regional electric operations and director of distribution system operations (gas and electric) for BGE. John graduated from The Johns Hopkins University with a Bachelor of Science in electrical and computer engineering and holds a Master of Business Administration from Loyola College. He is very active in the community volunteering for several organizations including the Talbot County Chamber of Commerce, Friends of Hospice, Tidewater Rotary, and the MD/DC Utilities Association. John lives in Easton with his wife, has two children, and enjoys all the benefits the Eastern Shore has to offer.

Easton Utilities Recognized for Reliable Service for the Community https://eastonutilities.com/news/easton-utilities-recognized-for-reliable-service-for-the-community/ Fri, 15 May 2020 12:34:00 +0000 https://eastonutilities.com/?p=6794 Easton Utilities has once again received national recognition for achieving exceptional electric reliability in 2019. The recognition comes from the American Public Power Association, a trade group that represents more than 2,000 not-for-profit, community-owned electric utilities. “We are proud to receive this recognition as a true testament to the hard work of our entire team to ensure that we keep our community powered,” said John E. Hines, Electric Department Manager for Easton Utilities.

Easton Utilities had an average outage time of 21 minutes per customer during 2019 as compared to the US average of 143 minutes per year for all electric utilities. This significant difference makes a positive impact on customer satisfaction which is measured every year. This is the third consecutive year Easton Utilities has been recognized for exceptionally reliable service.

FREE Drive-Up Wi-Fi Hotspots https://eastonutilities.com/news/free-drive-up-wi-fi-hotspots/ Tue, 24 Mar 2020 12:13:28 +0000 https://eastonutilities.com/?p=6570 Community members needing access to high speed internet can now enjoy free Drive-Up Wi-Fi Hotspots provided by Easton Velocity, a service of Easton Utilities. “As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we’ve been working diligently to implement this offering in hopes we can help those in our community who may need internet service,” said Ted L. Book, Director of Easton Velocity.

Currently, the Wi-Fi Hotspots are temporarily available at:

  • Talbottown Shopping Center parking lot (closest to Washington and Harrison Streets)
  • Idlewild Park parking lot (near basketball courts)
  • Moton Park parking lot (closest to park entrance)
  • Library parking lot (closest to Federal Street)

The name of the free wireless network is EU-Public and there is no password required or limit on time usage. “With the increase in students participating in distance learning and employers requiring people to work remotely, we wanted to provide a safe place for anyone to connect while maintaining the recommended social distancing,” stated John J. Horner, COO for Easton Utilities.

Doug Abbott Named Manager of Water & Wastewater Departments https://eastonutilities.com/news/doug-abbott-named-manager-of-water-wastewater-departments/ Tue, 03 Mar 2020 13:11:45 +0000 https://eastonutilities.com/?p=6519 Easton Utilities promoted Douglas R. Abbott to the Water & Wastewater Department Manager. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Doug will oversee the entire water and wastewater operation. “I am excited to work with the individuals on these crews who are dedicated to endlessly fulfilling the goals of providing safe drinking water to our customers and returning clean effluent water to the environment,” stated Abbott.

In this new role, Doug will provide leadership for the two departments. This includes oversight of the team focused on water treatment, storage, and distribution as well as those who manage wastewater collection and operate the Enhanced Nutrient Removal Wastewater Treatment Facility. “We chose Doug for this role because we are certain he will continue prioritizing safety and accountability while managing these departments,” said Hugh E. Grunden, President and CEO of Easton Utilities.

Prior to joining Easton Utilities in 2006, Doug provided operation consulting services to utilities and regulatory agencies throughout the US and abroad. Doug is a native of Talbot County, an avid racing sailor, and a member of the Miles River Yacht Club and Tred Avon Yacht Club where he currently serves as Commodore.

John Horner, Jr. Chosen for Leadership Maryland Class of 2020 https://eastonutilities.com/news/john-horner-jr-chosen-for-leadership-maryland-class-of-2020/ Thu, 13 Feb 2020 20:45:59 +0000 https://eastonutilities.com/?p=6410 Easton Utilities Vice President of Operations and Easton resident one of 52 selected for professional development program.

Annapolis, Md. (February 13, 2020) – Leadership Maryland announced today that John J. Horner, Jr., MBA, ’20, Vice President at Easton Utilities, has been chosen to participate in the professional development program dedicated to building a better Maryland by harnessing the strength of its local business and community leaders. Horner is one of 52 individuals chosen for Leadership Maryland’s 28th class – the Class of 2020, who will complete the eight-month hands-on learning program focused on the state’s most vital social, economic and environmental issues.

Following a two-day opening retreat in April, the class will attend five two-day intense sessions traversing the state focusing on Maryland’s economic development, education, health and human services, criminal justice, the environment, and multi-culturalism/diversity. These sessions will be followed by a one-day closing retreat in November and a graduation celebration in December. More than 100 experts representing business, government, education, and the non-profit community will serve as panelists and guest speakers.

“This was our most competitive cohort of applicants in our history, which is a testament to our members encouraging a diverse and broad spectrum of highly-qualified executives from across the state to apply to our program and share in their experience,” said Renée M. Winsky ‘05, president and Chief Executive Officer, Leadership Maryland. “This year’s class is a powerful cross-section of leaders from our state. I’m excited to see them come together as a group and do great things in their workplaces, communities and beyond in the years to come.”

Leadership Maryland is open to senior-level executives with significant achievements in either their careers and/or their communities. Ideal Leadership Maryland members have a desire to learn more about Maryland’s most critical issues and a personal commitment to be a force for positive change in their organizations, their communities, and their state. For more information about Leadership Maryland, please visit www.LeadershipMD.org, call 410-841-2101 or email Info@LeadershipMD.org.

About Leadership Maryland
Leadership Maryland is a professional development program dedicated to building a better Maryland by harnessing the strength of its local business and community leaders. Each year, as many as 52 diverse and accomplished executives from Maryland’s public and private sectors are selected to come together as a class for an eight-month hands-on learning program focused on the state’s most vital social, economic and environmental issues. The first Leadership Maryland class graduated in 1993, and the organization’s alumni network now consists of more than 1,100 leaders from all industries and regions of the state. To learn more, please call Leadership Maryland at 410-841-2101 or visit www.LeadershipMD.org.

Easton Utilities holds Cyber Defense 101 https://eastonutilities.com/news/easton-utilities-holds-cyber-defense-101/ Thu, 13 Feb 2020 20:42:21 +0000 https://eastonutilities.com/?p=6406 Easton Utilities held a free educational event for local businesses focused on cybersecurity. Over 70 attendees participated in the event which was held at The Milestone. “Cybersecurity should be an important focus for businesses and individuals alike, and we believe sharing the expansive knowledge our IT team possesses was of great value to our community,” said Hugh E. Grunden, President and CEO of Easton Utilities.

The educational event was conducted by Easton Utilities’ Chief Information Officer, Fred Christie, who has worked in the IT and computer fields for over 35 years. Mr. Christie works with numerous government agencies on cyber defense and speaks internationally on the topic. His presentation included information on the history of the cyber activity, identifying cyber threats, and best practices protecting and defending assets against malicious attacks. “As a public electric utility and a part of the US critical infrastructure, we have direct access to cyber expertise through our many Federal agency partners, such as the DOE, DHS, and FBI,” stated Christie. “We hope sharing our expertise with local businesses will better prepare them to defend against ever increasing cyber threats.”

With a constantly changing landscape in the cyber world, it is incumbent on small businesses to be informed and proactive. This was the key message during the event. “Fred and his team have increased our awareness and preparedness for vulnerabilities in our daily operations and work tirelessly to make cybersecurity a priority for Easton Utilities and our customers,” added Grunden.

Easton Utilities will hold a similar session for individuals on Thursday, April 2nd at 6 pm at The Milestone. Details can be found online at eastonutilities.com.