Call Before You Dig. It’s the law.

Printable Natural Gas Safety Brochure

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Whether you are a private homeowner or a professional contractor, you are required by law to notify your local One-Call utility notification center 48 to 72 hours prior to digging. Careless digging poses a threat to underground facilities and to people.

Dig Safely. Following these four simple steps will prevent fines, injury, project delays and service interruptions, and may even save a life.

  • Call before you dig. 48 to 72 hours before digging, call Miss Utility at (800) 441-8355 Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., or dial 811 - the National Call-Before-You-Dig number
  • Wait the required time for facilities to be marked
  • Dig with care
Call Before You Dig

Have the following checklist of information ready before you call:

  • Caller name and phone number
  • Alternate name and phone number
  • Type of work
  • Who the work is being done for
  • Location of work/street address
  • City, county, state
  • Nearest intersecting street
  • Extent of work
  • Special instructions for marking
  • ADC Map number and grid
  • Using explosives?

The One-Call center will collect information about the location of your intended dig and then contact Easton Utilities. Easton Utilities will promptly visit the location and mark the location of underground facilities (including natural gas pipelines, telecommunications systems, electrical utilities, and sewer and water lines) with flags or paint.

It is your responsibility to wait the required time for facilities to be located and marked. It is also your responsibility to respect the marks and dig with care to avoid damaging underground facilities.

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