Apply for Service

If you're coming to sign up for new service please bring two forms of government issued ID, including a photo ID. All applicants for Service, whether Residential or Commercial, must provide one form of documentation that demonstrates that the applicant either rents or owns the property where service will be established. The following forms of documentation will be accepted:

  • Property Owners
    Settlement papers
    Welcome letter from builder or real estate agent
  • Renters or Leasees
    Confirmation letter from the landlord
  • Contractors or builders

Applications for new electric and/or gas service may be made in person or by telephone through the Customer Service Center. Application for new service should be made as soon as construction plans have been completed. Please download the new service form below before contacting Customer Service.



Existing Service

When electric and/or gas service already exists, an application to transfer the service must be made by phone or in person at least two working days prior to the transfer date.

Security Deposits
Depending on your credit history, we may require a security deposit to connect utility services. As long as a good payment record has been established, we will apply the deposit, plus interest, to the customer's account after a period of twelve months. If a good payment record has not been established, a security deposit may be withheld for an additional twelve months. In the event that an existing customer's credit becomes questionable, a security deposit will be required.

Credit Letter Request
You may request that a credit letter be sent from Easton Utilities to another utility company for the purpose of establishing service with that company. We will provide data on your most recent 12-month history such as your average monthly bill, the number of payments made by the due date, the number of times your account was delinquent, the number of times your service was disconnected, the number of returned checks, and whether your final bill was paid or not.


Emergency Service
Call (410) 822-6110, 24-hours a day, to report downed power lines, gas leaks, outages or any other emergency situation.

Customer Service Center
The Easton Utilities Customer Service Center is located at 201 North Washington Street in Easton. Hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm, excluding holidays.
Phone: (410) 822-6110
Fax: (410) 822-4987