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Construction Details

Easton Utilities continually invests in necessary upgrades and improvements to the Town’s utility infrastructure to ensure reliable, safe and efficient operations. Check this page for construction details and other relev​ant documents for current and potential contractors.

Construction Details

This page will be updated whenever new construction details are available. Check this page for the latest versions prior to beginning construction.

Please Note: Construction Details are available in electronic format only. Downloads are free of charge. Easton Utilities no longer has hard copies for sale.

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General G-1.00
Bituminous C​ement Concrete Mixtures G-2.00
Portland Cement Concrete Mixtures G-3.00
Crossing a Water Main G-5.00
Materials List G-6.00
Barricade G-7.00
Sanitary Sewer
Precast Concrete SS-1.00
Shallow Precast Concrete SS-1.01
Alternate Manhole Base SS-1.02
Brick SS-1.03
Drop SS-1.04
Terminal SS-1.05
Manhole Flow Channels SS-2.00
Manhole Steps Aluminum SS-3.00
Manhole Steps Polypropylene Plastic SS-3.01
Manhole Frames and Covers
Frame and Cover SS-4.00
Watertight Frame and Cover SS-4.01
Manhole Insert #1 SS-4.02
Manhole Insert #2 SS-4.03
Driveway Cleanout Cover SS-4.04
Mainline Cleanout SS-5.00
Mainline Cleanout Frame and Cover SS-6.00
PVC Sewer Main Trench SS-7.00
Sewer House Connection SS-8.00
Drop Sewer House Connection SS-8.01
PVC Sewer House Connection SS-8.02
Gravity Sewer Cleanouts SS-8.03
Sewer Service Tracer Wire SS-8.04
Sanitary Sewer As-Built Drawing SS-9.00
PVC Force Main Installation SS-9.10
Grease Trap SS-9.20
Thrust Isolator Assembly SS-9.30
Grease Recovery Device SS-9.40
PVC Water Main Installation W-1.00
Water Main Joint Trench W-1.01
Standard Strapping Method W-2.00
Anchoring Tee W-2.01
Buttresses for Cups and Horizontal Bends W-3.00
Thrust Block Verticle Bend W-3.01
Thrust Block Verticle Bend W-3.01A
Fire Hydrant W-4.00
Blow Off Sampling Station W-5.00
Reduced Pressure Backflow Preventer (2.5" and larger) W-5.10A
Reduced Pressure Backflow Preventer (2" and smaller) W-5.11
Backflow Preventer Double Check Valve Assembly W-5.20
Adjustable Valve Box W-6.00
Screw Type Valve Box W-6.01
Meter Installation
Double Service W-7.00
1" Water Service - Ductile Iron Main W-7.01
1" Water Service - PVC Water Main W-7.02
1" and 2" Meter Installation W-7.03
Water Service Connection W-7.04
Water Service Installation W-7.05
Residential Lawn Irrigation Meter Detail W-7.06
Water Service Lateral As-Built Drawing W-8.00
Fiberglass Pole Streetlight Installation E-1.00
Single Phase Current Transformer Cabinet E-2.00
Single Phase/Dual Voltage Transformer Primary Configuration E-2.01
Three Phase Current Transformer Cabinet E-3.00
Three Phase Transformer Pad 75-1000 KVA (Supplied By E.U.) E-3.01
Three Phase Transformer Primary Configuration E-3.02
Three Phase/Dual Voltage Transformer Primary Configuration E-3.03
Transformer Pad E-3.04
Typical/Intersection Duct Bank Installation E-4.00
Electric Meter, Gas Meter & CATV Box Locations for Townhouses E-5.00
Gas Main Trench (Non-Paved) GS-1.01
Gas Joint Trench GS-1.02
Narrow Gas Joint Trench GS-1.03
Gas Main Trench (Roadway- Temporary Patch) GS-1.04
Gas Meter Installation GS-2.00
Quazite Box and Duct C-1.00
Appendix A
Design Manual Quick Reference​
Public Works
Town of Easton Standard Details
G-100 - General
G-100.1  SHA Portland Cement Concrete Mixture Issued 01/31/24
G-100.2  Utility Mains: Street ROW Locations Issued 01/31/24
G-100.3  Easement Minimum Widths Issued 01/31/24
G-101 - Pipe
G-101.1  Concrete Encasement Issued 01/31/24
G-101.2  Casing Installation for Pressure Pipe Issued 01/31/24
G-101.3  Thrust Isolator Assembly Issued 01/31/24
G-102 – As-Builts
G-102.1  Water Service and Sewer Lateral As-Built Drawing Issued 01/31/24
G-102.2  Sanitary Sewer As-Built Drawing Issued 01/31/24
GS-100 – Trench
GS-100.1  Gas Main Trench Issued 01/31/24
GS-100.2  Gas Joint Trench Issued 01/31/24
GS-101 – Meter
GS-101.1  Gas Meter Installation Issued 01/31/24
SS-100 - Trench
SS-100.1  Gravity Sewer/Forcemain Main Trench Issued 01/31/24
SS-101 - Manhole
SS-101.1  Precast Concrete Manhole Issued 01/31/24
SS-101.2  Shallow Precast Manhole Issued 01/31/24
SS-101.3  Outside Drop Manhole Issued 01/31/24
SS-101.4  Doghouse Manhole Issued 01/31/24
SS-101.5  Brick Manhole Issued 01/31/24
SS-101.6  Manhole Flow Channels Issued 01/31/24
SS-101.7  Manhole Frame and Cover Issued 01/31/24
SS-101.8  Manhole Chimney Joint Seal Issued 01/31/24
SS-102 – Laterals and Cleanouts
SS-102.1  Gravity Sewer Cleanouts Issued 01/31/24
SS-102.2  Sewer House Connection Issued 01/31/24
SS-102.3  Drop Sewer House Connection Issued 01/31/24
SS-102.4  Sewer Collection System Sewer House Service Issued 01/31/24
SS-102.5  Sewer Lateral Restoration Issued 01/31/24
SS-102.6  Mainline Cleanout Issued 01/31/24
SS-102.7  Mainline Cleanout Frame and Cover Issued 01/31/24
SS-102.8  Traffic Bearing Cleanout Cover Issued 01/31/24
SS-103 – Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG)
SS-103.1  FOG Design Issued 01/31/24
SS-103.2  Hydromechanical Grease Trap Issued 01/31/24
SS-103.3  Grease Interceptor Issued 01/31/24
SS-103.4  Automatic Grease Recovery Device Issued 01/31/24
SS-104 - Forcemain
SS-104.1  Air Release Valve Assemble in Precast Manhole Issued 01/31/24
SS-104.2  Forcemain Discharge to Sewer Manhole Issued 01/31/24
W-100 – Trench Details
W-100.1  PVC Water Main Installation Issued 01/31/24
W-100.2  Water Main Joint Trenching Issued 01/31/24
W-100.3  Water Main Deflection Issued 01/31/24
W-101 - Fittings
W-101.1  Buttresses For Caps and Horizontal Bends Issued 01/31/24
W-101.2  Thrust Block Vertical Bends Issued 01/31/24
        W-101.2.1  Thrust Block Vertical Bend Dimension Table Issued 01/31/24
W-101.3  Mechanical Joint Restraint: Ductile Iron and PVC Pipe Issued 01/31/24
W-101.4  MJ x MJ Adaptor Issued 01/31/24
W-102 – Appurtenances
W-102.1  Fire Hydrant Issued 01/31/24
W-102.2  Gate Valve Assembly Issued 01/31/24
W-102.3  Screw Type Valve Box Issued 01/31/24
W-102.4  Blow Off Sampling Station Issued 01/31/24
W-102.5  Reduced Pressure Backflow Preventer – Greater than 2” Dia. Issued 01/31/24
W-102.6  Reduced Pressure Backflow Preventer – 2” Dia. and Less Issued 01/31/24
W-103 – Services and Meters
W-103.1  1” Water Service Issued 01/31/24
W-103.2  2” Water Service Issued 01/31/24
W-103.3  Curb Stop and Box Issued 01/31/24
W-103.4  Water Service Connection Issued 01/31/24
W-103.5  Residential Lawn Irrigation Meter Detail Issued 01/31/24
W-103.6  Water Meter Pit Installation – Traffic Bearing Issued 01/31/24
W-103.7  Commercial/Domestic Fire Services Issued 01/31/24
E-100 - General
E-100.1  Notes Issued 01/31/24
          E-100.1.1  General Electric Notes Issued 01/31/24
          E-100.1.2  Conduit & Duct Bank Notes Issued 01/31/24
          E-100.1.3  HDPE & Directional Drilling Notes Issued 01/31/24
E-100.2  Typical Trench Detail Issued 01/31/24
E-100.3  Duct Trench Layout Transformer Pad & CATV Ped Issued 01/31/24
E-100.4  Electric Service & Conduit Requirements – Not Issued
E-100.5  Electric Equipment Placement – Not Issued
E-100.6  Electric Equipment Clearances – Not Issued
E-100.7  Typical Bollard Placement for Transformers – Not Issued
E-101 – Transformer Pads
E-101.1  Single Phase Transformer Pads
          E-101.1.1  Single Phase Transformer Pad (25 – 50 KVA) Issued 01/31/24
          E-101.1.2  Single Phase Transformer Pad (75 – 167 KVA) Issued 01/31/24
          E-101.1.3  Single Phase Transformer Concrete Pad – Not Issued
E-101.2  Three Phase Transformer Pads
          E-101.2.1  Three Phase Transformer Pad (75 – 150 KVA) Issued 01/31/24
          E-101.2.2  Three Phase Transformer Pad (225 – 750 KVA) Issued 01/31/24
          E-101.2.3  Three Phase Transformer Concrete Pad – Not Issued
E-102 – Tap Cabinets
E-102.1  Single Phase Tap Cabinets
          E-102.1.1  Single Phase Tap Cabinet Issued 01/31/24
E-102.2  Three Phase Tap Cabinets
          E-102.2.1  Three Phase Tap Cabinet Issued 01/31/24
E-103 – Ground Sleeves
E-103.1  Switching Cabinet Fiberglass Ground Sleeve Issued 01/31/24
E-104 – Manholes
E-104.1  Electric Manhole (6’x6’x7’ – Frame & Cover) Issued 01/31/24
E-104.2  Electric Manhole (8’x8’x7’ – Frame & Cover) Issued 01/31/24
E-104.3  Electric Manhole (8’x12’x8’ – Frame & Cover) Issued 01/31/24
E-104.4  Electric Manhole (8’x12’x8’ – Hatch) – Not Issued
E-105 – Vaults and Handholes
E-105.1  Quazite Box (36”x36”x30”) Issued 01/31/24
E-106 – Streetlights
E-106.1  Standard Streetlight Poles
          E-106.1.1  Fiberglass Pole Streetlight Installation Issued 01/31/24
          E-106.1.2  Aluminum Pole Streetlight Installation – Not Issued
E-106.2  Colonial Streetlight Poles
          E-106.2.1  Fiberglass Colonial Pole Streetlight Installation – Not Issued
          E-106.2.2  Aluminum Colonial Pole Streetlight Installation – Not Issued