Termination and Reconnection

We may terminate service for the following reasons:

  • Nonpayment of utility bills or security deposit
  • Failure to allow us to access our equipment
  • Nonpayment of a special arrangement
  • Tampering with utility lines or meter
  • Any hazardous condition determined by Easton Utilities

We do not like to stop service to a customer and will do everything possible to avoid disconnecting service. If you are having trouble paying your bills, please let us know. Alternate payment plans can be arranged by talking to Credit and Collections.

Usually, we give customers two weeks advance notice before we disconnect a utility service. However, if a customer fails to notify us of an address change or fraudulently obtains service, we will disconnect service with one week's notice.

Disconnection Exceptions
Elderly, handicapped and individuals who rely on life support must notify us of such within 14 days of receipt of notice of termination. You will be required to provide proper certification of such condition. We will not disconnect a service for non-payment of bills between November 1 and March 31 unless we certify to the Maryland Public Service Commission that a proposed cutoff does not threaten the health of the occupants.

Reconnection of Service
Service disconnected by Easton Utilities for any reason set for in Part XV-A of the Rules and Regulations Chapter of the Electric Service Tariff shall be restored only on payment of the appropriate reconnection charge (see below) in addition to the previous balance due under the customer's contract, except when it has been necessary to disconnect or remove overhead or underground service wires to effect discontinuance of service. In such cases, the actual costs of discontinuance and reconnection shall be applicable in addition to the previous balance due. Any Customer whose service has been disconnected or limited may be required to post a deposit in order to have service reconnected.

For Reconnection on Between the hours of Reconnection Charge
Monday-Friday 8 am to 4 pm $35
Monday-Friday 4 pm to 7 pm $45
Weekends & Holidays 8 am to 7 pm $45
No reconnections 7 pm to 8 am  

Disconnection of service at the transformer: $70

Collection of Payments at the Premises:
At Easton Utilities' discretion, the Customer may avoid service termination for non-payment of bills by making payment of the past due balance due to a Company representative at the premises. In addition to the payment of the past due balance, there shall be a fee of $35 per trip to the premises for collection of payments. Installment payments or any other agreements shall be made through an authorized Company representative.

If service is terminated for non-payment of bills, customers are required to pay all bills owed in addition to a reconnection charge of $35 per service. A field collection fee of $35 will be charged if an Easton Utilities representative collects a payment at your premises to avoid service disconnection. The fee is payable to the representative and due when the collection occurs. If a check used for payment of a service termination or reconnection is returned by the bank, the service is subject to disconnect without further notification. If you are on limited income and your service is terminated, you can reinstate service by applying for the MEAP or USSP and if you enter into a supplemental payment plan for outstanding arrearages of $400 or less. We can only advise you of the amount you must pay after you apply to MEAP. We will not charge you a security deposit or reconnection fee if you are an eligible MEAP customer.