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Maryland Environmental Surcharge In accordance with Maryland state law, an environmental surcharge is imposed on all electricity generated in Maryland. The Public Service Commission determines the applicable surcharge for each of the utilities in the state each fiscal year. The Environmental Surcharge rate per kilowatt-hour is shown on your bill.

Energy Charge/Purchased Gas Cost Adjustment
The cost of fuel used in generating electricity, the cost of purchased energy or the cost of gas delivered by a pipeline to a distributing company is often not certain at the time rates are set. If the prices of these fuels change, so do customer charges. The amount you pay is the cost to us, without any markup or profit. In order to keep these adjustments as low as possible, every effort is made to purchase fuel from suppliers at the lowest cost, and to operate our plants as efficiently as possible. For electricity, the Energy Rate is cents per kilowatt-hour and the total charges are shown on your bill. The Purchased Gas Charge in cents per CCF (one CCF equals one hundred cubic feet) is also shown on your bill if you are also a gas customer. These charges vary from month to month. Calculations on which these charges are based are filed with the Public Service Commission for review and approval.

Electric and Gas Rate Schedules
Electric customers are billed under one of the following rate schedules:

"R" Residential: Available for all classes of domestic service within the Easton Utilities territory for electric service. Applicable to one-family residences or one-family apartments.
"GS-S" General Services Small: This rate is available to any customer having an average monthly maximum measured demand of 250 kW or less for the receding calendar year.
"GS-L" General Services Large: This rate is available to any customer having an average maximum measured demand of greater than 250 kW in the preceding calendar year.
"GS-P" General Services Primary: This rate is available for three phase service at standard Company voltage at or below 25,000 volts. The standard voltage available depends upon the location, character and size of Customer's load.
"SL" Street & Highway Lighting Service: Available only for the lighting of public streets, public alleys, public highways and other public outdoor areas within the service territory where service is supplied from the existing distribution system and where the Company owns and maintains all equipment. Service will be provided from dusk to dawn each night.
"BSWEGS" Biomass, Solar and Wind Electric Generation Service: Available to any eligible customer-generator, that owns and operates a biomass, solar electric generating facility or wind electric generating facility that meets the criteria outlined in the Electric Service Tariff.

Gas customers are billed under one of the following three rate schedules:

Residential Service - available for firm gas service to customers with a separate meter in a single family dwelling or individual apartment.

Commercial Service - available for firm gas service for customers for non-domestic purposes with average monthly usage less than 2000 CCF.

Large Commercial and Industrial Service - available for firm gas service for large commercial or industrial customers with average monthly usage
greater than 2000 CCF.




Billing Procedures
All electric and gas meters are read monthly. Customers are billed approximately one week after their meter is read. All bills are checked for accuracy prior to being mailed.

Seasonal Rate Difference
Demand for electricity is higher in the summer than in the winter, as is the cost of meeting such demand. Therefore, our rates reflect a seasonal difference, which is higher in the summer months of June, July, August and September.

Important Notice for Property Owners
If you own and occupy real property supplied with service by Easton Utilities (except cable television & internet), you should be aware, as stated in the Charter and Code of Easton, Maryland, all amounts billed for such service constitute a lien upon your property.

Verification of Billing Accuracy
Upon request, a current rate schedule is available through the Customer Service Center. If you have a question about your gas and/or electric bill, we will investigate at your request and advise you of our findings.

Returned Check Charge
Any checks given in payment to Easton Utilities that are returned unpaid by a customer’s bank will result in an additional charge of $25 per occurrence.

Installment Plan
Customers may request an installment payment agreement as an optional means for payment of Service delinquent charges and to avoid service termination resulting from those delinquent charges. Installment payment agreements shall be made through an authorized Easton Utilities representative. A service charge of 1.5% per month shall be applied on the unpaid balance due under this agreement. The balance amount of the agreement is not subject to the provisions of the late payment charge. Failure of the Customer to meet the condition of this installment payment agreement including prompt payment of the current bill shall constitute a breach of this agreement and entitles Easton Utilities to pursue collection and termination procedures pursuant to the applicable rules and regulations of the Public Service Commission of Maryland.

Late Payment Charge
Easton Utilities' bills are payable on or before the due date shown on your bill. Late payment charges may be applied to bills not paid by the current due date. Late payment charges of 1.5% of the unpaid monthly balance will be added to the bill. The total late payment charges will not exceed 5% of the original unpaid amount.

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