Easton Utilities Customer Privacy Notice

Revised: May 2, 2017

This Privacy Notice describes our practices with respect to your “personally identifiable information” and certain other information. Personally identifiable information is information that identifies a specific person. It does not include aggregate data that does not identify individual customers. The terms “Easton Utilities,” “us,” “we” or “our” refer to the Easton Utilities entity that provides service to you.

This Privacy Notice applies to Easton Utilities customers and their use of Easton Utilities’ Cable TV, Internet and Phone services. Use of Easton Utilities’ website, any subdomains, and its various related features, is governed by Easton Utilities.

Easton Utilities considers the privacy of our customers to be very important. Section 631 of the Federal Cable Communications Policy Act of 1984, as amended (the “Cable Act”), provides certain protections to you, as a subscriber to cable service or other services provided by Easton Utilities. In accordance with the Cable Act, this Privacy Notice explains the following:

  • the limitations imposed by the Cable Act upon Easton Utilities in its collection and disclosure of personally identifiable information about you;
  • the type of personally identifiable information we collect about you;
  • how we use your personally identifiable information;
  • under what circumstances we may disclose your personally identifiable information and to whom we may disclose it;
  • the duration for which we maintain your personally identifiable information; and
  • how you may access your personally identifiable information in our possession.

Information We Collect

The Cable Act authorizes Easton Utilities to collect personally identifiable information about our customers (1) as necessary to render our cable service or other services to you, and (2) to detect unauthorized reception of cable communications. We collect customer information from several sources. We ask you to provide some data directly to us when you sign up for a service. We also collect information about your use of our products, services, and sites. In addition, we collect data from third party companies, and we may combine this third-party data with the data we have collected. Some of this information is personally identifiable, but much of it is not. We collect this information in order to provide and improve our products and services and better tailor them to meet our customers’ needs, and to develop and offer new products and services. We maintain customer records that include personally identifiable information to enable us to better serve our customers.

How We Protect Your Data

Easton Utilities does not track, store or sell customer data, including but not limited to: personal information, browsing habits, purchasing history, etc. As a locally owned municipal utility, we value our customers above all else and will not tarnish this relationship by jeopardizing this relationship by sharing or selling personal information or habits.

How We Collect Data

We may collect data using a number of different technologies. Some of this data you provide, such as when you sign up for our service or online bill pay. Some of this information we collect when you access our services, including from the equipment Easton Utilities provides to you as well as from equipment you may own that you use to access those services. For instance, if you subscribe to our cable TV service, our set-top boxes automatically collect information related to audience measurement. Similarly, if you watch TV online using your own computer, tablet, or smartphone, we may collect data about the type of browser or operating system you are using and your IP address.

How We Use Data

We collect, maintain and use personally identifiable information as permitted by the Cable Act and the Communications Act and other applicable laws. We use this information primarily to conduct business activities related to providing you with our cable service and other services and to help us detect theft of service. Below are specific ways in which we use personally identifiable customer information:

  • to install, configure, operate, upgrade, support and maintain our cable service and other services;
  • to provide billing, account maintenance, product and service repair and to provide customer service to you;
  • to monitor and detect against fraud or abuse of our products and services and to protect against harm to us or our subscribers; we also use this data to determine whether there are violations of any applicable policies and terms of service;
  • to provide you with accurate and high quality customer service, properly deliver your services and protect the security of the system;
  • to communicate with you, in response to your inquiries and customer service requests, to notify you about your account and subscription information, to inform you of software and security updates, and to create offers and contact you about other products or services that may be of interest to you; we may combine this data with third-party data to allow us to customize products and services to a particular geographic area;
  • to manage the network supporting our services;
  • to enhance and improve our offerings and their functionality, to provide you with personalized offers and features, and tailor our services to make them more useful and enjoyable for you;
  • to personalize your settings on our products and services so that you don’t have to change these settings each time you use them; and
  • to measure Internet service performance, including network and connection performance, device configuration, and other service related data.

How to contact Easton Utilities

If you have any questions or need additional information regarding this privacy notice, or if you believe your privacy rights have been violated in any way, please contact us directly at the address below.

Easton Utilities
Customer Service Center
201 North Washington Street
Easton, MD 21601