Excavator/Contractor Information

Printable Natural Gas Safety Brochure

Damage Prevention Notification to Excavators and Contractors:

Easton Utilities Gas Department is required by §192.614 of the Office of Pipeline Safety CFR 49 and RP 1162 to notify all those who do excavation work that Easton Utilities operates gas facilities in and around the Town of Easton. To help ensure your safety, we remind you of your responsibility to call Miss Utility at (800) 441-8355 or 811- the National Call-Before-You-Dig number prior to any excavation work.

Easton Utilities operates a natural gas distribution system in and around the Town of Easton with approximately 100 miles of main and services operating at pressures between 60 psi and 0.25 psi. By calling Miss Utility or 811 and hand digging when within 18 inches on either side of a marked facility, you will greatly reduce your risk of hitting one of our gas lines. This will save us both time and money. More importantly, it will keep everyone working in the area safe by preventing a catastrophic incident that could result in injury or death.

If you uncover a gas line and "nick" or "scratch" the coating, contact us at (410) 822-6110 so that we can repair the damaged coating or pipe.

If you strike and damage a gas line, shut down all of your equipment and clear the area immediately. Contact Easton Utilities Gas Department at (410) 822-6110 and alert them to the location of the strike. A repair crew will be dispatched immediately to assess the situation. Do not hesitate to call emergency services if you feel the situation warrants.

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