Kia Gibbs

Administrative Support II

How long have you worked for Easton Utilities?

As of May 25th, I will have been employed for 2 years.


Describe your job history at EU.

My role has been Administrative Support to the Engineers, which has afforded me opportunities to work with other departments.


What is your favorite part of your job and working for EU?

I’m allowed to be myself, which is a big deal for me. My creativity and my voice isn’t stifled and I am able to contribute. Having colleagues that benefit from my contributions is an added bonus because helping others is important to me! I also really enjoy learning about the utilities and infrastructure and am grateful my colleagues don’t mind teaching and sharing their wealth of knowledge.


During your service with EU, is there one key moment that stands out as significant or unique?

It’s difficult to specify one key moment as significant, but the Mentoring Program is worth mentioning as it is a privilege that’s not provided everywhere. Having a tenured employee check in with you, providing advice, guidance, resources and support is a valuable benefit to take advantage of. Being in the program has already exposed me to networking opportunities, such as attending a Chamber Legislative Outlook event and a Toys for Tots Christmas event which was hosted by the Talbot County Young Professionals group.


What EU tradition is your favorite and why?

Easton Utilities hosts retirement parties for all retirees and I attended a party for an employee who had invested 43 years into the company! I was really touched and impressed with the efforts made to commemorate their service and seeing past retirees come back to EU to also celebrate. I thought that was really special. Other than that, I really enjoyed the tree planting for EU Green Day and watching everyone work together. Being outside planting trees is a nice change from being in the office.


How do you feel EU positively impacts the community?

Besides providing reliable utilities to our customers, we really make an effort to be present in the community through volunteering and participating in community events as well as supporting local charities through internal fundraising. Easton Utilities also has an Environmental Stewardship initiative that has supported activities such as tree planting, litter pick-up on the Rails to Trails and education on and control of local invasive species, all of which yield positive impacts.


Describe your life outside of work.

Ministry is a major part of my life. I believe my service to God is manifested through my service to others, so I enjoy volunteering when the opportunity presents itself. Besides operating in my church in different capacities, I also like to dabble in digital design by creating event flyers and invitations.


Describe the members of your family and any pets.

I have a teenage son, and a one-year-old dog at home. I also spend a lot of time with my parents, younger sister, two older brothers and my extended church family.


What plans do you have for the future?

With the help of Easton Utilities educational programs and initiatives, I plan to further my education and broaden my skills through degrees and certifications. I also intend to travel more.


Anything else interesting you’d like to share?

Easton Utilities is a great company to work for and I am excited to be a part!