Robby Elben

Tech Support Team Lead

How long have you worked for EU?

I have worked for EU for 18 years.


Describe your job history at EU.

I started working for Easton Utilities in 2003 in the position of Internet Technical Support. In 2017 I was promoted to the position of Technical Support Team Lead.


What is your favorite part of your job and working for EU?

I’ve always enjoyed helping other people, from our customer base to fellow employees. It provides a deep sense of satisfaction knowing that I’ve made a positive impact in someone else’s day.


During your service with EU, is there one key moment that stands out as significant or unique?

I don’t have a specific event that has stood out above all others, but any time I receive compliments from customers it certainly is a boost to my confidence and encourages me to continue to provide the level of technical support and customer experience that is expected.


What EU tradition is your favorite and why?

I would say that the turkey drop is special. Being able to shake hands with upper management, having them know me by name and express appreciation for my efforts over the past year is special.


How do you feel EU positively impacts the community?

I feel that EU benefits the community not only in the services that we provide but also in the many different organizations that employees volunteer and participate in outside of the workplace. One of the biggest areas that I’ve personally received compliments on from customers is the yearly tree planting that EU performed prior to covid. Customers would stop by during the planting to express their appreciation, and I would receive compliments while assisting customers with issues over the phone long after the tree planting was completed.


Describe your life outside of work.

My faith in God is of utmost importance to me. When I’m not involved in church or church related activities my favorite hobby is to read my Bible and spiritual growth books. I may sneak in a comic book or two when I’m caught up and looking for something else to read. Time with my family is also at the top of my list – from movie nights, game nights or even just taking a walk in the woods. We love one another very much and love spending time together.


Describe the members of your family and any pets.

I have been married for 13 years to my wife Laurie, who deserves a medal for putting up with me. Our daughter Lily is 11 years old and brings us much joy. We have 2 cats (Sophie and Margo) and 1 dog (Finley).


What plans do you have for the future?

Currently I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree at Liberty University in Accounting. While challenging so far it has been very rewarding.