Natural Gas

Acquired by the Town in 1923, Easton's Gas Department is the only municipal gas utility in the state today. Originally, Easton's gas was derived by burning coal at a plant on West Street. However, Easton Utilities converted to natural gas in 1966 when it signed an agreement to purchase its gas supply from Eastern Shore Natural Gas Company.

The town's gas supply is now piped from the Gulf of Mexico along the interstate pipeline, through Federalsburg, and then distributed to over 4,500 customers through 100 miles of steel and plastic mains. The Gas Department distributes approximately 525,000 MCF of natural gas per year to the Easton residents living in its 8.5 square-mile service territory.

Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV)

In our continued effort to incorporate technologies that result in cleaner
emissions and reduced operating costs, Easton Utilities has converted
several of its vehicles to run on natural gas.

Learn about the benefits of natural gas as a vehicle fuel​​​