Environmental Stewardship

Easton Utilities is committed to enhancing the quality of life in our community by making environmental stewardship a priority. While remaining financially responsible, our organization proactively seeks out cost effective projects which help support our vision to conserve the environment.


100th tree planted

Easton Utilities Branches Out

The entire staff of Easton Utilities plants trees in Easton annually as a way of creating local environmental benefits and to demonstrate just one of the many tools available to customers to reduce our carbon footprint.


Internal Recycling Program

Easton Utilities launched a company-wide recycling program which has been in effect for several years. The program includes both waste from the office and waste from the homes of those employees who do not have a recycling program in their town, A recent addition to the program includes a water dispenser to promote the use of non-disposable bottles/glasses.

LED Streetlights

The Town of Easton and Easton Utilities have teamed up to replace traffic lights and street lights with LED bulbs using grant funding from the Maryland Energy Administration. This project has an estimated savings of 52% per year, which goes right back into the community.