Easton Utilities Begins Annual Flushing Program

The water main flushing program, conducted by Easton Utilities on an annual basis, is scheduled to begin in mid-July throughout the service territory. “This successful program allows us to focus on any areas of concerns within the infrastructure to ensure Easton Utilities can continue delivering high quality water,” stated Doug Abbott, Water and Wastewater Department Manager for Easton Utilities.

The annual flushing program consists of opening certain hydrants in brief intervals to flush out sediment that may have collected in water mains over the past year. This enhances the long-term water quality, confirm adequate fire flows, and identifies possible malfunctions in the hydrants and system valves.

Customers in the immediate areas affected will be notified via a robocall several days in advance. To reduce the possibility of any inconvenience to customers, crews will work each night, Sunday through Thursday (excluding holidays), from 11 pm until 5 am. During the flushing of the water mains, there may be a temporary reduction of water pressure or some discoloration in the tap water. This discoloration condition is not harmful and can be addressed quickly by running cold water until it is clear after the flushing in the immediate area is complete. We also suggest not washing clothes during these operations.

For further information or if you have questions, please call 410-822-6110. We appreciate your cooperation as we work to maintain our water distribution system.