Easton Utilities Moves to Tobacco Free Campus

Beginning April 5, 2018, Easton Utilities’ Customer Service Center shifted to a 100% smoke, tobacco and vape free campus. This encompasses the building and its immediate campus, the inside of all other facilities, inside company vehicles including aerial buckets and all drivable equipment, and while on residential or commercial customer’s property. “We fully support a healthy work environment and continue to work with our employees to establish safe, positive behaviors,” stated Vicki L. Petro, Director of Human Resources for Easton Utilities.

In addition, Easton Utilities offers a Cessation Program for employees and their spouses who wish to stop using tobacco products as one of the numerous wellness benefits the company provides. Several Easton Utilities employees have reaped the benefits of health coaching, group classes, phone counseling, and nicotine replacement therapy to eliminate tobacco from their lives. “We are impressed by the involvement of many team members who currently use tobacco products who helped establish these policies as they realize it is in their best interest,” Petro added.