Easton Utilities Plans for EV Charging Station

Easton Utilities obtained unanimous approval from the Easton Town Council to utilize four parking spaces at the bottom of Brewer’s Lane to install electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in partnership with the Town of Easton. “Providing this valuable amenity in downtown Easton will benefit residents and visitors who drive an EV, while reflecting our commitment to sustainability and technology,” stated John J. Horner, VP of Operations for Easton Utilities.

The EV charging station will consist of pedestal mounted Level 2 Tesla and universal chargers. Easton Utilities studied several locations based on charging technology, vehicle accommodation, infrequently used parking spaces, downtown accessibility, convenience, visibility, safety, pedestrian traffic and proximity to infrastructure. After evaluating these criteria, the Brewer’s Lane location was selected primarily because it will minimize impact to prime parking spots in the Town.

Currently there are no public EV charging stations in the Town of Easton; however, there are multiple locations along the Eastern Shore. “As the number of electric vehicles continues to increase, it is crucial to provide accessible charging stations to encourage and promote their use,” added Horner.