Easton Utilities to Negotiate Purchase of Coca-Cola Warehouse

An Ordinance was introduced by the Easton Town Council authorizing Easton Utilities to proceed with the purchase of the Coca-Cola distribution warehouse at 8670 Commerce Drive. “Over the past several years, Easton Utilities has been exploring options for additional warehouse, and this location is ideal,” said John J. Horner, VP of Operations for Easton Utilities.

A draft purchase agreement has been developed and submitted to the seller of the property. The 24,000 sq. ft. warehouse will provide ample space to accommodate the increasing demand for storage. This opportunity enables Easton Utilities to discontinue leasing and borrowing space at other locations as well as eliminating the need to construct a new warehouse elsewhere in the near future.

“This purchase provides prolonged benefits to Easton Utilities, creates additional value for our business, and occupies a soon-to-be empty location in Easton,” added Horner.

Following negotiations, the expected timeline for settlement is approximately two months. Coca-Cola is expected to vacate by the end of this year and Easton Utilities would aim to begin occupancy in early 2020.