Easton Velocity Amps Up Internet Speeds

Easton Velocity is increasing the speeds for four of its five internet tiers for residential customers. The free upgrades will go into effect today, April 4, 2018.  “The demand for speed continues to grow and we must respond to provide our customers with high-performance, affordable solutions,” said Ted L. Book, Director of Cable and Communications for Easton Utilities.

The upgrades are automatic and most customers will experience the faster service instantly. However, some customers with the current Value Internet Tier (25 mbps) may need an updated modem to ensure the new speeds can be supported. Easton Velocity is requesting these specific customers [with current Value Internet Tier] contact Customer Service at 410-822-6110 to determine if a free modem upgrade is required. For those needing the upgrade, Easton Velocity will provide a new modem free of charge. “Our goal is to provide the best overall experience possible to our customers with respect to speed, value, and of course, exceptional customer service and technical support,” added Book.

Residential Internet Speeds/Pricing

Tier Former Speed Current Speed Price

Tier Former Speed Current Speed Price
Value 25/2 50/2 Mbps $48
Value PLUS 50/3 75/3 Mbps $60
Standard 100/5 125/5 Mbps $75
Ultimate 200/10 250/10 Mbps $100