EU Performs Annual Tree Planting

Since 2008, each year Easton Utilities employees come together for a community tree planting event to reflect their commitment to environmental stewardship. This year, all departments joined forces to plant a total of 24 trees split between the Calhoon MEBA Engineering School and at the Easton Utilities’ owned Commerce Drive Warehouse.
“It’s gratifying to continue this meaningful tradition which is only one of many components of EU’s environmental stewardship efforts. Our focus to contribute to the environmental health of our community while building relationships within the company is very rewarding and I’m grateful for the incredible team who make EU’s tree planting a success each year,” says Rebecca Saduk, civil engineer and Environmental Committee chair for Easton Utilities.
The tree planting initiative was started in 2008 by Hugh E. Grunden, president and CEO of Easton Utilities and is an ongoing tradition. Every employee is required to participate in some capacity following the annual employee meeting. After a routine safety briefing required before performing jobs, the teams embark on their mission to plant and mulch the pre-selected location.
Over the years, Easton Utilities has planted more than 390 trees, all large caliper with a stem diameter measuring 2” or more. The program includes monitoring every tree planted with teams specifically responsible for watering and maintaining the trees to ensure each one thrives.
As an extension of the mission “to enhance the quality of life in our community”, Easton Utilities has an ongoing corporate goal focused on conservation efforts including a recycling program, a watershed clean-up initiative, invasive species removal, habitat revitalization, education on environmental issues, and other important community restoration projects.    ​