Impact of High Energy Costs on Bills

Inflation is impacting every part of daily life and every industry. From grocery stores and gas stations to restaurants and car dealerships, the price of just about everything is increasing.

Easton Utilities is not immune from these economic realities. The price of the electricity and natural gas we purchase for our customers has increased significantly in recent months, along with every other utility company in the United States.

As a not-for-profit, public power and gas utility, Easton Utilities works hard to help customers keep their utility bill as low as possible. We utilize a number of strategies to dampen the impact of volatile prices including purchasing energy from a variety of sources, as well as over time. Approximately 50% of expected energy needs are purchased months and years in advance of the actual delivery date.
This information helps us forecast future projections as reflected in the graph.

Our utility rates include energy charges which reflect the purchase of the electricity and natural gas used by our customers. These elements are part of your bill each month and it is important to understand the cost of energy is passed through to customers at no markup. That means every dollar of the energy charges are used to pay for the increasing energy costs we are experiencing. We monitor our energy costs very closely.

Conservation is the best tool to manage high bills. Easton Utilities offers information and tips on our website and through the use of social media. Visit to learn more.