Rebecca Saduk joins Miss Utility Board of Directors

Easton Utilities’ Civil Engineer Rebecca Saduk recently joined the Board of Directors of Miss Utility of Delmarva. “I am excited to serve in this capacity as we rely on the service Miss Utility provides to protect our extensive infrastructure,” stated Saduk.

Miss Utility, short for “miss the utilities,” exists to help prevent damage to underground infrastructure and is a free service.  Anyone engaged in excavation activities is required to notify underground facility owners prior to the start of any excavation. Miss Utility of Delmarva streamlines this process by providing a service that allows excavators to notify area utility companies quickly and efficiently, either online or by calling 8-1-1. This system also allows utility companies to locate and mark the utilities in the area of excavation, then directly provide a positive response back to the excavator so they can begin their work.

In her role as Civil Engineer, Saduk oversees licensed Certified Public Infrastructure Inspectors and Professional Locators. Easton Utilities responds to over 6,000 requests from Miss Utility for underground electric, gas, water/wastewater, internet/fiber, and cable line marks per year. While the majority are generated by commercial excavators, several hundred requests come from private homeowners, who are required to use the service if a digging activity is planned. “Calling Miss Utility before you dig not only prevents damaging utility lines but also can prevent serious injury, including possible death,” added Saduk.