Easton Utilities Recognizes Community Partners

Easton Utilities publicly thanked several community partners for their role in helping residents and families stay afloat during troubled times. The organizations most instrumental were the Neighborhood Service Center, St. Vincent de Paul, Talbot County Social Services, the Talbot County Health Department, and numerous local church organizations. “Their dedication to the wellbeing of our customers was heartwarming, and it reflected the true spirit of this incredible community,” said Hugh E. Grunden, President and CEO for Easton Utilities.

A team from Easton Utilities presented honorary plaques and commended each on their efforts and empathy, both of which helped everyone endure the challenges over the past fifteen months. “Of course, there were many more who stepped up and went above and beyond, but this special mention is to those who helped our customers find the resources they needed to keep the power on and stay connected,” added Grunden.

The work from these organizations continues as they ensure our community members thrive. There are numerous programs available to those who qualify and the staff at each location will be more than willing to help interested parties understand the options and the process.