Easton Utilities Wastewater Facility Receives Additional Funding

Easton Utilities was recently awarded additional grant funding from the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE)/Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fund for exceptional performance regarding nitrogen and phosphorous discharge concentrations from the Enhanced Nutrient Removal (ENR) Wastewater Facility. “I credit our meticulous team, under the direction of the Wastewater Treatment Facility Superintendent Kenny Marks, for achieving such great results which positively benefit our customers, the environment, and our operation,” stated Doug Abbott, Water & Wastewater Department Manager for Easton Utilities.

Annually, MDE provides grant funding to Easton Utilities for operations and maintenance activities. The goal is to meet annual average ENR levels of 3.0 mg/L for Total Nitrogen and 0.3 mg/L for Total Phosphorus. This year, for the first time, MDE awarded additional money to ENR facilities that performed under the maximum goal levels during calendar year 2020. During that time, the team at Easton Utilities’ ENR Wastewater Treatment Facility achieved average discharge concentrations of 1.07 mg/L for TN and 0.04 mg/L for TP. “These amounts are significantly lower than maximum levels allowed which represent the emphasis we place on achieving the best possible results and protecting the Chesapeake Bay,” added Abbott.

As a result, MDE has more than doubled the annual grant funding and recognized Easton Utilities as going “above and beyond.” These funds will be reinvested in the wastewater facility for ongoing operations and maintenance undertakings in order to continue optimal performance.