Easton Velocity Increases Internet Speed

Easton Velocity, a service of Easton Utilities, recently completed the system-wide upgrade to enhance the infrastructure that delivers high-speed internet and cable television. The most notable result of this undertaking is the recent speed increase at no additional cost, which was automatically delivered to all internet customers during a testing period in early December.

“The constantly growing demand for bandwidth, speed and seamless connectivity continues to increase and we are proud the enhanced system will meet the needs of our customers,” stated Ted L. Book, Director of Easton Velocity.

In addition to the technical benefits the upgrade delivers, the extensive fiber optic network enables the option to provide gigabit capacity to any interested customer. More importantly, Easton Velocity has elected to increase internet speeds for all customers at no additional cost.

Internet Tiers – RESIDENTIAL

Tier Former Speed Former Price Current Speed Same Price
STARTER 10/1 $30 15/1 $30
VALUE 50/2 $48 100/5 $48
VALUE PLUS 75/3 $60 150/7 $60
PERFORMANCE 125/5 $75 250/10 $75
ULTIMATE 250/10 $100 500/15 $100
EXTREME 1000/25 $150

 Internet Tiers – COMMERCIAL

Tier Former Speed Former Price Current Speed Same Price
STARTER 10/1 $50 15/2 $50
VALUE 50/3 $100 100/7 $100
VALUE PLUS 75/4 $125 150/10 $125
PERFORMANCE 125/5 $150 250/15 $150
ULTIMATE 250/10 $190 500/25 $190
EXTREME 1000/35 $290

The upgrades are automatic; however, those wishing to change to a new tier will need to contact Customer Service at 410-822-6110.

“Offering enhanced speeds without changing the pricing structure is a reflection of our commitment to our customers,” added Book. “There is a wide range of needs amongst customers depending on lifestyle, now more than ever with remote working or virtual learning, as well as the number of people/devices in the home.”

The $12 million upgrade provides improved reliability across the entire system along with the ability to offer increased speeds, now including Gigabit. Construction for this project began in September 2018 and stayed on schedule following the initial estimate of a two-year span for completion. “Our crews’ commitment to the success of this project combined with how amicable our customers are, made for an ideal outcome,” said Book.