COVID Friendly Rudolph Arrives to Easton

The tradition continues… Rudolph is proudly perched up on Talbottown Shopping Center with safety measures in place to adapt to this unique year. While the phone booth is closed, the team at Easton Utilities got creative and installed a hands-free device for kids to listen to Rudolph! “We know this special tradition helps bring magic to Christmas and a sense of nostalgia to the many adults who may remember Rudolph from their childhood,” said Hugh E. Grunden, President and CEO of Easton Utilities.

From November 25 through December 24, Rudolph will be available to speak to children of all ages Monday – Saturday, 10 am – 9 pm and Sunday, 10 am – 6 pm. The mailbox is in place for those who wish to mail Santa a letter and there is touchless motion senser to activate Rudolph. This display at Talbottown Shopping Center is festive and ready for visitors!

There is quite a bit of prep work needed behind the scenes to make Rudolph “come alive”. A team pulls together each year to coordinate efforts and ensure a bright and shiny Rudolph is ready for the public. A special thanks goes to all involved, but especially Cheryl Bryan, Lonnie Larmore, David Boyd, Mario Barone, Eddie Westerfield, Mike Bennett, John Hines, John Horner, and Anderson Watson for assisting in making clever adjustments so Rudolph would be safe for visitors this year.

Rudolph marked the start of the Easton Shore holiday season each year from 1957 until the late 1970’s, but unfortunately went missing for years after. In 2013, Hugh Grunden had the vision to recreate Rudolph and return him where he rightfully belonged to bring holiday cheer and wonder to a whole new generation.

“Rudolph made a lasting impression on me as a child and was a big part of what made the holidays in Easton so special,” added Grunden. “It is my hope that he brings as much joy to our community as possible this year.”