Town of Easton & Easton Utilities Complete EV Charging Station

The Town of Easton and Easton Utilities announce the completion of four electric vehicle (EV) charging station parking spots off Brewers Lane. “We are thrilled to support and encourage green transportation alternatives in downtown Easton,” stated Kody Cario, Project Manager for the Town of Easton.

The charging station consists of two Tesla and two Clipper Creek pedestal mounted, Level 2 chargers. Level 2 chargers, typically referred to as destination chargers, will give residents as well as those visiting the Town of Easton the opportunity to charge their EV’s for a few hours while enjoying downtown restaurants and shopping.

Initially, for a specific trial period, there will be no cost to those using the electric chargers or the parking spaces. Once data is collected on usage, demand and behavioral patterns, the rates and protocols for using EV charging on Brewers Lane will be developed.

Easton Utilities and the Town of Easton Engineering and Public Works departments collaborated with Tesla, Clipper Creek, as well as local contractors to get the EV charging station installed. The project was led by Easton Utilities’ Engineer Eddie Westerfield. “This was a true team effort from the initial design to the completed construction phase and it is truly rewarding to see the final product,” stated Westerfield.

Easton Utilities and the Town of Easton studied several locations based on charging technology, vehicle accommodation, underutilized parking, downtown accessibility, convenience, visibility, safety, pedestrian traffic and proximity to infrastructure. After evaluating these criteria, the Brewers Lane location was selected primarily because it will minimize impact to prime parking spots in the Town while still offering downtown accessibility. The Easton Town Council voted to approve this location on October 21, 2019.

“We [Easton Utilities and the Town of Easton] always explore opportunities in which we can support the desires of Easton residents as well as visitors and this project is a perfect example of accomplishing both of these goals,’ added Westerfield.